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Carpets Small

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The Libo Carpets Small is an ideal Montessori material. It features a variety of patterns, colors and designs that help children learn in a fun and engaging way. With its soft yet durable construction, the carpet provides great comfort to little ones as they explore, play and engage in stimulating activities. Its small size makes it perfect for little hands to pick up, move around and use in creative ways. Whether you’re looking for a learning tool or some cozy floor decor, this small carpet is sure to delight your child as they develop their fine motor skills.



The Libo Carpets Small are a perfect addition to any Montessori classroom. This product is made from child-safe materials and has a fine finish that stands up to the everyday wear and tear of classroom life. Its design is specifically tailored for use with the Montessori teaching aids, reinforcing children’s understanding of the environment and helping them develop their motor skills by practicing activities such as pretend play, or carpet walking.

Created with exceptional quality in mind, these carpets will last for years without fading or staining. It’s densely woven fibers are soft yet durable enough to handle regular stomping and playing. Perfect for encouraging movement in classrooms, this carpet will help keep your students learning while having fun in a comfortable and creative atmosphere.


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