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Pirate Puzzle

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Pirate Puzzle from Libo is an exciting jigsaw puzzle that educates children in the Montessori teaching method. Perfect for ages 3-7, this puzzle will engage a child with its colorful pirate illustrations while they practice sorting shapes, counting pieces, and constructing patterns. The 20-piece set helps to promote problem solving skills, creativity, and spatial awareness. The included wooden puzzle board makes it easy to store and transport Pirate Puzzle between play times.



Libo’s Pirate Puzzle is a high quality and child-safe Montessori puzzle designed with young adventurers in mind. The puzzle features a colourful pirate with his trustworthy parrot-Squak!- The pieces are made from child-safe materials and have a fine finish, perfect for small hands. With its bright colors, attractive design, and unique subject matter, the Puzzle is sure to captivate children while they develop their skills with Montessori materials.

The Libo Pirate Puzzle encourages children to use their creativity while they learn problem-solving skills associated with spatial relations. It helps children understand concepts such as size and shape as they assemble each piece of the puzzle to create the pirate scene. This stimulating Montessori Puzzle entertains kids as it teaches them about concentration, coordination and patience essential for making progress in every age group.


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