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Caterpillar Alphabet

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The Caterpillar Alphabet Puzzle from Libo is perfect for Montessori inspired learning. This colorful puzzle features 26 pieces of the alphabet, represented by a caterpillar with each letter on a separate body segment. Children will have fun building the puzzle, developing their letter recognition and learning early phonics. The chunky pieces of this wooden puzzle are easy to pick up and play with, making it a great resource for young children to develop their dexterity and problem solving skills.



The Caterpillar Alphabet Montessori Puzzle by Libo is the perfect educational tool for children’s early learning. This high quality puzzle will engage your child in fun and exciting ways, while also helping them to learn their ABCs. This puzzle is made of child-safe materials with a fine finish, and is inspired by the Montessori educational system. It features colorful caterpillars with each letter of the alphabet on their bodies, teaching kids basic structure of language as well as introducing phonetic sounds to enhance reading skills. With its bright colors and sturdy construction, it’s sure to captivate any young learner’s attention – making it a great addition to any home or classroom!


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