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Pg and Piglet Puzzle

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Libo’s Pg and Piglet Puzzle is a fun and educational way to explore the world of Montessori materials. It features an intricate design with 20 pieces in the shape of Pg, Piglet, and other characters from the book. The puzzle pieces are made from high-quality wood and are easy to assemble. Perfect for developing problem-solving skills, this delightful puzzle encourages children to think outside the box. Give your child a head start with Libo’s Pg and Piglet Puzzle!



The Libo Pg and Piglet Puzzle is an excellent Montessori puzzle designed to help children learn and explore. This high quality puzzle is made with safe, child-safe materials that are durable and non-toxic, which ensures it will last for many years of enjoyment. The colorful pieces feature a fine finish that will capture your child’s attention while they work on the fun design. The intricate design encourages independent problem solving skills whilst stimulating their growing minds with shapes, numbers, colors and letters.

The Libo Pg and Piglet Puzzle helps children learn through tangible play as it encourages them to explore their environment as well as develop their motor skills. With Montessori materials included in the set, this educational game also features special game components which are great for hands-on learning. Your child can learn math by counting pieces or practice letter recognition whilst tackling the challenge at hand! The vibrant colors and textured pieces are sure to engage your little one for hours of creative fun!


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