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Cat and Kitten Puzzle

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Libo’s Cat and Kitten Puzzle is the perfect way to teach children problem-solving, coordination and language skills. With this Montessori puzzle, children can learn how to identify shapes, colors and animals while enjoying the fun of playing with it. This puzzle is crafted with high-quality wood pieces that are easy to handle. The vivid colors of the puzzle pieces combined help children build visual recognition skills as they piece together cats and kittens in different postures. Recommended for ages 3 years old and above.



The Libo Cat and Kitten Puzzle is a Montessori Puzzle designed to engage and challenge preschoolers. This puzzle features high quality materials that are child-safe, with a fine finish that will last through hours of play. The puzzle pieces are perfectly cut in order to fit together perfectly, allowing children to practice their fine motor skills while they assemble the picture. It also introduces them to problem solving as they work out how each piece fits together. The Cat and Kitten Puzzle is made from eco-friendly wood materials that adhere to the highest standards of Montessori materials, ensuring any parent can ensure their child is getting safe, quality playtime. With its bright colours and detailed characters, this fun puzzle is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike!


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