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Snail Number Puzzle

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The Snail Number Puzzle by Libo is an engaging wooden puzzle that helps young children to develop their early numeracy skills. With this fun and educational game, kids ages 3-6 can explore counting, addition, subtraction and even fractions in a hands-on Montessori style environment. The brightly colored puzzle pieces come shaped like snails and feature unique numbers along with corresponding color codes – allowing children to learn while still having fun! With its solid construction and smooth edges, this quality montessori material provides a safe and entertaining way for children to enjoy learning.



The Libo Snail Number Puzzle is an excellent Montessori puzzle for introducing young children to numbers from 1-10. This high quality and fine finish number puzzle is perfect for helping children develop math skills, such as pattern recognition and number orientation. The materials used in this puzzle are child-safe and non toxic, ensuring that your little ones can explore without any worries. This educational toy will help young minds improve their dexterity as they try to place the individual pieces in order while also learning basic numbers.

The Libo Snail Number Puzzle is designed with Montessori principles in mind, aiming to create open-ended learning experiences. Kids will love exploring the intricate design of the snail as they match the pieces together into a complete circle. It can be used by educators and parents alike to help strengthen a child’s understanding of math concepts through imaginative play while making it fun at the same time!


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