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Peacock Number Puzzle

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The Peacock Number Puzzle from Libo is a fun, educational Montessori puzzle designed to help children develop their counting, sorting and problem solving skills. The puzzle features 20 colorful wooden pieces that depict the numbers 1-20 in the shape of a beautiful peacock along with 10 additional pieces depicting the wings and feathers of this majestic bird. To complete the puzzle, children place each number into its designated space on the board where it is secured using two pegs that go through a hole. This creative and interactive activity will help children hone their mathematical skills, practice fine motor coordination and gain a greater appreciation for nature.



The Libo Peacock Number Puzzle is a Montessori Puzzle designed to teach counting and early number recognition. This aesthetically pleasing puzzle is made with child-safe, high-quality materials and fine finishes. The vibrant colors and textures are specially crafted to capture the attention of small children as they learn numbers. Each piece in the puzzle is shaped as a peacock feather and hides within it a number from one to ten. Carefully selecting each piece, children will learn what numbers look like and how each one corresponds to its written form.

Additionally, this Montessori puzzle supports fine motor skills development by providing excellent sensory input through the tactile feel of each smooth feather piece because the pieces are bigger than typical puzzles which helps little hands gain dexterity in finding the right place for them in order to complete their task. With educational value for young minds this Peacock Number Puzzle is an ideal activity for homeschoolers or toddlers just beginning to explore their world!


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