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Fox and Cub Puzzle

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The Fox and Cub Puzzle from Libo is a high-quality wooden puzzle suitable for learning and play. Crafted with safety and durability in mind, this Montessori-friendly piece of learning fun combines age-appropriate challenges with fun and engaging play. With vibrant colors and smooth edges, the Fox and Cub Puzzle encourages children to use problem solving skills to assemble the pieces into their correct positions. Perfect for developing hand-eye coordination as well as spatial awareness, this puzzle also makes an excellent addition to any nursery or playroom.



The Fox and Cub Puzzle from Libo is the perfect challenge for your little one. This Montessori-inspired puzzle helps to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in children as they explore the world. Made from high quality, child safe materials, this puzzle will last for years of fun.
The bright colors and fine finish on the pieces make it an attractive addition to any playroom or classroom. The pieces are designed according to Montessori principles to provide a stimulating learning experience that helps children explore different shapes while developing logical thinking. The puzzle offers an opportunity for children to work on their problem solving skills independently or together with a friend or parent in order to assemble it, providing hours of entertainment as they do so!


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