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Frog Puzzle

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The Frog Puzzle by Libo is a classic Montessori-style puzzle perfect for young minds. Designed to develop problem-solving and fine motor skills, the puzzle includes 8 wooden pieces that feature beautiful illustrations of frogs in different settings. Its wooden construction is durable and safe to use, while its vibrant colors make it an attractive addition to any playroom. Learn while having fun with this colorful and engaging puzzle!



This Frog Puzzle from Libo is an excellent Montessori puzzle that is sure to keep children of all ages engaged. This product is made with child-safe materials, ensuring the safety of your children while they play. The high-quality materials and fine finish guarantee that this puzzle will stand up to repeated usage. The vibrant colors and fun shapes are designed to stimulate a child’s development further, making it an ideal addition to any Montessori environment.

The Frog Puzzle from Libo comes with 16 pieces designed in the shape of frogs – each piece fit into place perfectly for convenient assembling every time. The anti-slip base keeps the pieces firmly on the table surface and prevents them from slipping or moving when used by small kids. Boasting an impressive level of attention to detail, it even includes a small frog pond in the puzzle’s center! With its robust construction and long-lasting use, this Frog Puzzle is sure to bring great joy for many years of use by you and your family.


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