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Panda Puzzle

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Introducing the Panda Puzzle from Libo – a fun and educational puzzle that is perfect for kids of all ages. This bright and colorful wooden puzzle features an adorable panda pattern that offers a stimulating challenge with Montessori materials design to help encourage problem solving, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Made from high quality materials, this easy to use puzzle is sure to be a hit with its unique design, attractive colors and engaging visuals. A great way to engage young minds at home or in the classroom!



The Panda Puzzle from Libo is the perfect Montessori Puzzle for children ages 3+ and up. This fun and educational puzzle features two challenging puzzle pieces that must be put together in order to form a panda figure. The pieces are crafted from non-toxic, child safe materials that are of the highest quality and have a fine finish, ensuring long lasting playtime fun. Ideal for both home use as well as Montessori classrooms, this puzzle encourages creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination all while having fun!


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