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Bee Puzzle

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The Bee Puzzle by Libo is a fun and engaging puzzle that helps to develop problem solving skills and spatial awareness. This wooden puzzle consists of 12 pieces in four different sizes and shapes, representing a bee in different postures. The pieces are designed with bright colors to appeal to young children, while the smooth edges will ensure safety during play. Suitable for ages 3-5, this Bee Puzzle from Libo provides hours of challenging fun as children work on building logical thinking abilities and fine motor skills.



The Libo Bee Puzzle is a classic Montessori puzzle designed for children aged two and up. It consists of six wooden bees in bright colors that fit into the corresponding grooves on a board. The pieces are easy to manipulate and move around, allowing kids to develop basic logic, concentration, and coordination skills. The boards are made from high quality wood with a fine finish, providing durability and smooth edges for safe playtime. The Libo Bee Puzzle is made from child-safe materials that have been certified according to stringent safety standards.

The Libo Bee Puzzle is designed with interest in mind – each bee is brightly colored, an eye-catching way to help children learn the importance of sorting shapes by size or color! This Montessori material helps kids develop tactile learning skills as they manipulate each piece while introducing problem solving exercises to keep it challenging and fun! With its superior quality construction, attention to detail and design make it an ideal beginner puzzle for your little learner.


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