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Camel Puzzle

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The Libo Camel Puzzle is an excellent Montessori material for teaching children problem-solving and spatial reasoning. This puzzle consists of nine colorful pieces that represent parts of a camel when put together correctly. Each piece is designed to fit into the other in order to create a cohesive image, helping children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The puzzle also comes with an instruction booklet that guides children through each step of the puzzle making process, ensuring they are learning properly and having fun while doing it. With the Libo Camel Puzzle, your child can learn all about camels while honing essential critical thinking skills!



The Camel Puzzle by Libo is the perfect Montessori puzzle for children. This unique wooden jigsaw puzzle comes with 25 smooth-edged pieces that can be constructed to create a fun camel image. Crafted from child-safe materials and featuring a high-quality fine finish, this puzzle enhances visual and spatial development while providing hours of entertainment. With its vibrant colors and sturdy construction, the Camel Puzzle from Libo stands apart from other Montessori materials, making it an essential addition to any playroom. Its design encourages problem solving skills in children as they seek to discover new ways of putting the pieces together for a more creative outcome. The challenge of assembling the pieces will help improve logic and motor skills as well as helping to build self-confidence in children.


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