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Duck Puzzle 15cm * 15cm

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The Duck Puzzle 15cm * 15cm by Libo is a great Montessori-inspired puzzle for early learners. The brightly colored puzzle pieces come in the shape of a duck, and when assembled they measure 15 cm by 15 cm. This fun and educational puzzle encourages problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and hand-eye coordination. It’s perfect for open-ended play that allows children to develop their own methods of completing the puzzle. Whether they use trial and error or intuitive strategies, the challenge of assembling these pieces will help them learn independence while having fun.



The Duck Puzzle 15cm * 15cm by Libo is a perfect early learning and play resource designed to stimulate cognitive and problem solving skills in young children. It is a great Montessori puzzle that helps toddlers learn shapes and sizes while having fun. Perfectly sized at 15cm * 15cm, this puzzle can be easily handled by little hands and are safe for your child as they are made of high quality, child-safe materials. The fine finish makes it easy on young minds as the pieces fit together snugly and give a satisfying feel when combined in the right way. It’s an ideal toy for teaching kids how to construct a complete picture from individual pieces giving them immense satisfaction as they build the puzzle within the given time frame. It also helps develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination and encourages them to play with creative problem solving techniques providing hours of educational entertainment at home or on the go!


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