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Fish Puzzle

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The Libo Fish Puzzle is a playful way to help your child develop their motor skills and problem solving abilities. This wooden puzzle features 8 colorful wooden pieces shaped like different fish, with each fish piece fit together in a way that promotes cognitive development. Perfect for children aged 3 and up, this puzzle is an ideal learning tool for Montessori materials, helping to foster hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, pattern recognition and creative problem-solving. With its colorful design and simple puzzles pieces, the Libo Fish Puzzle will be an entertaining challenge for your little one!



The Libo Fish Puzzle is the perfect Montessori puzzle for your little ones. It’s made with child-safe materials and features a high-quality fine finish that’s perfect for any little hands. The puzzle pieces are designed to fit together perfectly, encouraging children to develop their motor skills, problem solving, and hand-eye coordination. Each piece is also specifically designed to help foster creativity as children explore different shapes and colours as they build the puzzle. The puzzle pieces are generously sized so even small hands can easily grasp each individual part. Plus, all Montessori materials from Libo meet the highest quality standards so you can be sure your kids will enjoy this puzzle for years to come!


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