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100 blue beads

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Libo 100 Blue Beads Mathematical Materials: These mathematical materials from Libo are ideal for children learning Montessori methods. The set includes 100 blue beads, providing plenty of practice for toddlers and older children alike as they learn to count and sort. Their bright, vibrant color stimulates visual development and encourages imaginative play. Children can use the beads to create patterns, shapes, or math equations to foster logical thinking through hands-on learning.



The 100 Blue Beads from Libo is an ideal mathematical Montessori material for children. It helps children to learn basic math skills and exercises their mental capabilities through hands-on counting activities. Made with safe and high-quality materials, the beads are smooth and comfortable to touch, with a fine finish that is perfect for little fingers to manipulate. The set also includes a wooden tray with compartments which keeps the beads organised while in school or at home. It also works great as a Montessori teaching aid, allowing children to learn essential math operations such as addition, subtraction and multiplication by manipulating the beads on the tray. Its vibrant blue hue also makes it aesthetically pleasing and makes it fun for kids to work on their math activities.


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