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Long Division

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Libo’s Long Division set is a comprehensive Montessori material, perfect for helping children master the principles of long division. It is designed to be easy and engaging while still teaching complex concepts. The set contains a wooden board with clearly labeled sections, 7 colorful rods, 81 movable beads, 2 bead frames and 2 counters, along with a detailed instruction book to help teachers guide students through the basics. With this materials set students will have all the tools they need to develop and refine their understanding of long division.



Libo Long Division is a must-have mathematical teaching aid for any Montessori classroom. This set of materials helps children learn division, a critical math skill that becomes increasingly important in higher grades. The high quality materials make this set long-lasting and sturdy enough to withstand years of use by young students.

The Libo Long Division set includes wooden pieces made from child-safe material with a fine finish, allowing children to practice dividing numbers without worries of chipping or splintering. Each piece also features silkscreen images so that children can easily identify the correct symbols and characters for each division problem as part of their Montessori learning journey. The setup process is easy too, with clear instructions and helpful visuals provided to get teachers ready in minutes!


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