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Number Rods

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The Libo Number Rods are a Mathematical Montessori material designed to teach children math concepts and help develop their understanding of numbers and counting. This set of ten hand-crafted solid wood rods feature smooth, rounded edges, laser-etched numerals on each rod, and an elegant natural finish perfect for fostering a developmental environment. Each rod measures 10 cm in length with the numerals ranging from 1 to 10 along its length making it easy for children to reference while doing counts or solving puzzles. The durable design is meant to stand up against everyday use in classrooms and homes alike.



Libo’s Number Rods are an essential Montessori teaching aid. This set of rods helps children to intuitively learn number form, size, and quantity. The rods are made from high-quality, child-safe materials and feature a fine finish that children will love to use. The colorful wooden rods are numbered from one to ten and come in two different sizes for making double digit numbers easy for young students to grasp. Each rod is labeled on two sides for quick recognition and have smooth edges that make them comfortable to hold. With these Montessori teaching aids, teachers can help their students easily understand number concepts and begin the journey towards math mastery.


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