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Binomial Cube

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The Libo Binomial Cube is a comprehensive mathematical resource designed to help children understand and explore the concept of binomials. This Montessori material consists of a hand-crafted wooden cube featuring 4 colored pieces with 12 different faces, each face repersenting one part of a binomial. Each side has various symbols that make it easy for young learners to identify and manipulate the components. The cube offers an interactive way to introduce children to basic algebraic equations and encourages them to think logically while building confidence in their abilities.



Libo’s Binomial Cube is an excellent addition to any classroom. This Mathematical Montessori Material is designed for use in the hands-on Montessori teaching method, and it emphasizes the learning of abstract concepts like spatial relationships, addition, and subtraction. This cube is made from high quality, child safe materials that ensure a fine finish with no sharp edges. It helps to enhance fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination while making math fun and accessible to children of all ages. The cube consists of 8 cubes held together by elastic bands which create a three dimensional object with 128 individual parts. Each cube has been labeled according to its color so that when arranged correctly they form mathematical equations allowing students to understand them in a visual way. This Binomial Cube will help create meaningful learning experiences for students while stimulating their creativity and critical thinking skills in the process!


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