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Sandpaper Numerals (Small)



The Libo Sandpaper Numerals (Small) is the perfect learning tool for early childhood students. Crafted of high-quality materials and designed with Montessori principles, this mathematical resource helps children develop counting and number recognition skills. The sandpaper numerals help improve muscle control in the fingers as well as understand size sequencing while completing hands-on activities. This resource is an ideal way to teach your child valuable math skills in a fun and engaging way!


Sandpaper Numerals (Small) from Libo is the perfect educational Montessori material for young learners. Designed with child-safe materials and crafted with a high-quality construction, this small set of sandpaper numerals are an essential teaching aids for teaching children early mathematical concepts in a tactile way.

The numerals have a fine finish that helps children engage and learn numbers. The sandpaper pieces come with a corresponding wooden box with labeled compartments so children can organize their numbers as they learn to count. Sandpaper Numerals (Small) from Libo is perfect for any classroom or home Montessori environment where learning math in an interactive way is encouraged.


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