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9 Golden Bead Bars

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The 9 Golden Bead Bars from Libo is a Montessori mathematical material designed to help children learn and develop mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The kit consists of 9 hand-crafted wooden bars each containing 10-gold beads which are used to teach the numerical system, operations and fractions. This versatile manipulative can also be used to teach decimal system, skip counting and algebraic equations. The ergonomic design of the bars allow children to easily manipulate them while they explore various mathematical concepts.



The Libo 9 Golden Bead Bars are a Montessori mathematical material designed to strengthen young learners’ numerical skills and ability to understand mathematics concepts. Made of child-safe materials, these bars allow children to easily manipulate the pieces as part of their learning process. Each bar is equipped with nine golden beads – three long bars, three short bars, and three tall counters – that move together when a child manipulates them. The premium quality construction of the bars provides maximum durability and fine finishing for years of safe play.

The 9 Golden Bead Bars are ideal teaching aids for Montessori classrooms, helping children develop their number knowledge while enjoying a fun activity that encourages problem solving and hands-on exploration. Each set includes built-in activities that introduce basic addition and subtraction concepts in an easy to understand way thanks to its visual aid nature. With its high-quality construction from top tier materials ensures that these bars will stand up to years of use by both children or teachers alike.


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