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Sandpaper Numerals

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Libo’s Sandpaper Numerals is an ideal Montessori learning material to help children practice their mathematics skills. This hands-on tactile learning tool features wooden numerals cut from durable sandpaper, providing youngsters an enjoyable and effective way to learn the fundamental numerical symbols that form the basis of early math concepts. It helps to improve fine motor skills in a fun and engaging way! Ideal for classrooms or homeschoolers, this tactile mathematical resource will ensure a comprehensive learning experience for your little ones.


Libo’s Sandpaper Numerals are a great addition to any mathematical Montessori Materials Learning Center. Libo designed these numerals using child-safe and high quality materials, perfect for small hands. They are made from sandpaper on a wooden backing for maximum durability, ensuring that the numerals last a long time in the classroom. Each numeral is handcrafted with great attention to detail to give the final product a smooth and fine finish. Libo’s Sandpaper Numerals are an essential Montessori teaching aid, giving children an engaging way of learning mathematics through tactile activities and further understanding of numbers. With its bright colors, it encourages children to explore the world of mathematics with ease and fun!


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