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Arithmetic Trinomial Cube



Libo’s Arithmetic Trinomial Cube is a mathematical material designed to support learning in the Montessori classroom. It is constructed of three cubes that each feature inscribed numerals, with the aim of helping the learner to understand and practice addition, subtraction and multiplication. The cube features bright colors and smooth edges, making it an enjoyable tool for young minds to explore number relationships. With its simple and intuitive design, this product offers a fun way to learn basic mathematics – perfect for curious minds in the Montessori classroom!



The Libo Arithmetic Trinomial Cube is a perfect addition to any Montessori classroom! Made of non-toxic, child-safe materials, the cube provides students with a tactile learning experience that supports healthy development and growth. The high quality cube is available in three colors, and features a smooth finish that helps students focus on the mathematical concepts they are attempting to learn.

The Libo Arithmetic Trinomial Cube includes 16 wooden blocks with each side featuring images of numerals and math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With this cube, children can practice numerical operations and apply their new knowledge. The colorful imagery helps to keep children engaged in the material while ensuring understanding of difficult concepts. It is an invaluable teaching aid for mathematics educators!


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