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Decimal Bead Material



The Decimal Bead Material from Libo is a perfect tool for visualizing the concept of decimal operations in the Montessori classroom. The set includes a wooden stand that features 10 horizontal poles with 9 colored beads on each pole representing 0-9s digits and one golden bead representing 1/10. The material helps children to develop an understanding of place value and it’s important in expressing money values, measurements, fractions, ratios and more. With this material, young learners can learn to expand their understanding of decimals beyond the elementary number system into more complex calculations such as addition, subtraction and multiplication.



The Decimal Bead Material from Libo is a must-have if you are looking to introduce young students to mathematics. This Mathematical Montessori Materials set features colored beads of three different sizes: One Millimeter, Ten Millimeters, and Hundered Millimeters. Made with child safe materials, these superior quality beads feature a fine finish and have been designed to accurately represent numbers up to one million when placed together in the wire basket. Perfect for use as Montessori Teaching Aids, the Decimal Bead Material from Libo will help children develop their understanding of place value and basic operations.


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