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Trinomial Cube

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Libo’s Trinomial Cube is a mathematical Montessori material designed for students to learn about trinomials and the cube’s three-dimensional structure. It includes three wooden cubes with each side being divided into different parts, each carrying a unique numerical value that when matched together create an equation. This activity promotes visual learning, encourages hands-on exploration, and develops problem-solving skills. The Trinomial Cube is also ideal for introducing trinomials to younger students as it can be used as an introductory material before delving deeper into equations.



The Libo Trinomial Cube is a must-have for any Montessori education. The classic mathematical game teaches children to recognize patterns and construct combinations, while teaching kids the basics of algebra and geometry. Constructed with child-safe materials and designed to last, this high-quality Montessori teaching aid is sure to provide hours of stimulation. With its fine finish, the cube also makes an attractive display piece. The set includes 9 cubes whose faces are colour coded, providing greater visibility when constructing equations or showing geometric relationships. This classic game is perfect for enhancing visual memory skills and learning independence through problem solving. With its versatile design, it can be used in isolation by one student or collaboratively in group activities – making it an essential addition to any classroom or home school environment.


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