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Addition Equations



Libo’s Addition Equations Mathematical Materials are designed to make learning addition fun and engaging. This set includes three sets of materials, a pair of equation boxes, a set of stackable bars, and a number map. Together, these curriculum pieces help children to understand the basic principles of addition by using concrete objects. The equation boxes allow kids to create problems by stacking the blocks in different combinations while the stackable bars can be combined in numerous ways to represent equations visually. The number map provides an additional way for children to practice solving equations by tracing out paths that connect numbers symbolically. This product is recommended for ages four and up, as it provides an excellent way for young learners to experience math in a tangible form.



The Libo Addition Equations mathematical Montessori material is an ideal teaching aid for introducing concepts of addition to young learners. Crafted with child safe materials and a fine finish, the product is a high quality solution to early mathematical learning. It comes complete with twenty pairs of golden colored insets featuring equation sums and their respective answers, as well as a wooden box with an internal compartment for easy storage when not in use. The equations start from single digit sums multiplying up to two digits for added complexity, which are perfect for aiding the understanding of addition and helping children develop foundational math skills. With its attractive design and smooth surfaces, it’s also a great sensory tool that promotes exploration through tactile play.


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