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Yellow Triangles For Area

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The Libo Yellow Triangles For Area is a Mathematical Montessori material designed to help children learn about area and shape. It consists of two yellow triangles made of wooden blocks, one larger and one smaller, that can be used together to teach children the concept of area. The triangles come with activity cards that include challenges such as counting the number of squares within the larger triangle or comparing the size of the two triangles. This Montessori material is an effective way for children to begin understanding geometrical shapes and area while developing problem solving skills.



This set of Yellow Triangles For Area from Libo is the perfect addition to your Montessori Teaching Aids. These triangles are designed to help children understand the concept of area measurement and can be used to introduce fractions and basic geometry. They are made from child-safe materials and finished with a high quality sheen, making them a durable and attractive choice for classrooms and learning centers.

The set includes 16 yellow triangles, each in three different sizes. The large triangle measures 9 cm x 9 cm, medium triangle 7 cm x 7 cm, small triangle 4.5cm x 4.5cm. Perfect for visualizing relationships between fractions or demonstrating applied geometry skills such as tessellation and spatial relationships, this set of triangles is useful for teachers looking to bring more value to their math curriculum or who want to provide hands-on tactile exploration opportunities related to mathematics concepts.


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