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Tens Boards

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Libo Tens Boards is a hands-on mathematical resource to help children of all ages better understand the core concepts of number systems. This set of ten boards, crafted using premium quality wood with vibrant color accents, contains 10 double sided boards, along with 100 individual numeral cards and number rods. Ideal for teaching and reinforcing concepts such as counting, grouping numbers, addition and subtraction with objects, this Montessori-inspired set is designed to engage children in playful learning activities that will increase their knowledge about numerical systems. With this complete tens board set from Libo, your child can explore the world of numbers in an easy and fun way!



Libo’s Tens Boards are the perfect mathematical montessori materials for teachers and parents who are looking for a safe and high quality teaching aid. These boards are made from the finest materials, with a fine finish to support children’s learning and growth process. With Ten’s Boards, your kid can develop basic counting skills, furthering their ability to solve math problems later in life. The board is also designed with child-safe materials that adhere to all safety regulations, allowing your child to play safe as they explore and learn numbers. The combination of colour-coded beads, wooden bars and number cards teach your kid how to count up to 100 which makes it very useful in a Montessori classroom setting! It’s perfect for both individual or group activities making it the ideal addition for any learning environment.


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