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Colour Bead Stair Hanger

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This Colour Bead Stair Hanger by Libo is an ideal Montessori mathematical material that helps children learn basic mathematical logic and arithmetic. It consists of a variety of coloured wooden beads, interconnected into a staircase shape on a wooden frame. Children use this manipulative to better understand number patterns, addition and subtraction, place value and skip counting. By placing the beads in strategic positions, children will develop their fine motor skills and gain a deeper understanding of mathematics concepts. This innovative material is perfect for classrooms or homeschool settings.



The Colour Bead Stair Hanger by Libo is ideal for any classroom or home in need of Montessori teaching aids. This product is made with high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring the utmost safety for your children. The bright colours and smooth finishes make it both attractive and durable so that it can last through multiple uses. With this product, children can learn to count and recognize patterns in a tactile way; its design allows them to handle each bead easily. This fun and interactive approach makes it easy for young learners to develop their mathematical skills with ease.

This Colour Bead Stair Hanger is an effective mathematical educational tool that comes with many benefits for both teachers and students alike. Its unique design invites creative expression while aiding in the development of fine motor skills like counting, sorting, categorizing and recognizing patterns between numbers. With its superior quality materials and construction, this product is sure to last long into the future without compromising its child safe meterials or fine finish characteristics even after extensive use.


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