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Teen Bead hanger

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The Libo Teen Bead Hanger is a perfect Montessori material to aid in teaching mathematical concepts. This product features a sturdy frame and bar with ten hanging beads of varying sizes and colors that can be manipulated through a sequence. The set also comes with an accompanying chart for tallying, adding, and subtracting for further educational mathematics skills. It helps to build problem solving skills, motor skills and reinforces the principles of mathematics. With its easy setup, this product is sure to provide hours of interactive learning for children of all ages.



The Teen Bead hanger from Libo is a set of high-quality and child-safe mathematical Montessori materials. These teaching aids are designed to help children learn mathematics as part of their Montessori education. They feature sturdy construction for durability, with fine finishes that make them pleasant to the touch and attractive for kids. The hangers consist of two wooden pieces, each with 24 blocks and rods that hold the beads in place when the puzzle is assembled. Children can use this tool to practice counting, sorting, addition, subtraction and even multiplication by moving the beads around on the hanger.

The Teen Bead hanger is an essential aid for Montessori education as it helps stimulate problem-solving skills and encourages creative thinking in a fun environment. The rods snap tight into place to ensure that there are no loose parts or sharp points that could hurt children while they play with them. With this set of materials, kids can experiment with numbers and refine their motor skills through hands-on sensory play. Plus, its quality construction means it will last through years of use!


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