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Spindle Boxes with Spindle 45

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The Libo Spindle Boxes with Spindle 45 are the perfect materials for any Montessori classroom. This Mathematical set features 45 spindles in four different colors, providing a fun and engaging way to explore basic math principles. The design of the box also allows for easy storage and sorting of the spindles, creating an organized learning environment. Children can learn about counting, patterns, addition/subtraction, multiplication and division as they manipulate the colorful spindles – setting them up in a variety of ways or building towers. The Libo Spindle Boxes with Spindle 45 are sure to be a great addition to your child’s educational experience!



Libo’s Spindle Boxes with Spindle 45 are a great addition to any Mathematical Montessori Materials classroom. These boxes are the perfect learning tool for children, as they are crafted from child-safe materials and finished with a fine, high quality finish. The Montessori Teaching Aids design ensures that children can easily explore all of their mathematical skills in this fun and interactive way, without any worry about safety. The Spindle 45 included in the box allows children to practice counting up to 10 as well as learning patterns and shapes with its brightly colored caps – making learning math fun! The box itself has a combed design on the outside that gives it an intriguing look while also helping to keep any pieces secure during playtime. With Libo’s Spindle Boxes and Spindle 45, Montessori classrooms have never been more engaging or educational!


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