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Addition Strip Board

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The Libo Addition Strip Board is an educational tool designed to introduce children to addition and number recognition through the Montessori method. The board features 10 brightly colored rods with separate numbers ranging from 0-9 that can be arranged in line to create addition equations. This product is ideal for improving math fluency and problem solving skills, while also developing fine motor control. Through interactive play and hands-on activities, children will learn the basics of addition in a fun and rewarding way.



The Libo Addition Strip Board is a great mathematical Montessori material for teaching addition skills to children. It’s made of high quality and child-safe materials, ensuring that your kids won’t be exposed to hazardous elements. The board is finished with fine sanding for a smooth surface, which can help prevent accidents during complicated demonstrations. Additionally, the board has been built with convenience in mind, as it is easily foldable and perfect for carrying around when you need to take it outside the classroom or home environment.

This high quality addition strip board from Libo makes an excellent Montessori teaching aid, as it provides an interactive way of helping children understand problem solving strategies while also having fun at the same time. With its user friendly design and functionality, this board will allow children to practice basic math concepts without having to worry about getting lost in complex details or having difficulty understanding instructions. In this way, parents and teachers can rely on Libo’s Addition Strip Board as an effective tool in their hands when it comes to teaching mathematics.


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