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Box for decimal bead material

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The Libo Box for Decimal Bead Material is a perfect mathematical tool for children in Montessori classrooms or homeschooling. It features colorful, hard plastic boxes filled with beads in different shades of color representing numbers from 0 to 9. The set includes 5 boxes, each containing 10 ten beads of a single number from 0 to 9; providing students with a concrete representation of how decimal numbers work. With the help of this material, students can easily understand place values and decimal operations in an interactive way. The material is well-crafted with attention to detail and ensures long-lasting usability. It’s an ideal educational tool for introducing young minds to the exciting world of math!



The Libo Box for decimal bead material is an excellent choice of mathematical material for Montessori Teaching Aids. This box is designed with child safety in mind, using high-quality materials which can be used to work on math concepts such as decimal points, fractions and more. The wooden beads included have a fine finish to ensure children can easily carry them out of the box and do the activities. The beads are also colour-coded so children can differentiate between them easily. All components are carefully selected to ensure that your child can learn mathematics in a fun yet safe way.

Aside from its educational function, this Box for decimal bead material is also visually appealing with a stylish design in full color print with lid. It has been designed specifically to be durable, ensuring years of use even through multiple students and generations of learning! With its combination of safety, quality and visually appealing design, this product promises a fun time while learning mathematics!


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