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Printed Numerals

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Printed Numerals by Libo is a mathematic Montessori material that allows children to learn numbers and counting. It features 10 durable, cardboard cards printed with numerals from 1 to 10, making it perfect for educational activities in the classroom or at home. Each card is bright and colorful, helping to stimulate visual learning. With Printed Numerals by Libo, children can practice recognizing numerals and develop their counting skills for a bright future of learning.



The Printed Numerals from Libo are beautifully crafted Mathematical Montessori Materials made with the highest quality, child-safe materials. The numbers are each printed in high detail and hand sanded for a fine finish. This material is perfect for any Montessori classroom, as it is beneficial for teaching maths in the Montessori style. The numbered pieces can be used to teach counting and abstraction, by allowing children to manipulate tangible numbers in their hands and pairing them with numeral symbols. The high quality material ensures that this product will last, providing many years of learning opportunities for students of all ages. With its unique design and attention to detail, Libo’s Printed Numerals provide teachers with a great way of teaching maths in an engaging way that is both educational and fun!


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