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9 Golden Bead Units

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The Libo 9 Golden Bead Units are a set of Montessori materials that are used to teach mathematical concepts. This set includes nine wooden rods, each of a different length corresponding to the digits 0-9, and nine differently colored golden beads. This material is designed to help children learn basic addition, subtraction and multiplication while developing an understanding of place value and ten frames. It encourages hands-on exploration as children can use the golden bead units to practice counting and develop pattern recognition skills with the colorful beads. With these Montessori materials, young learners will have fun while developing their math skills in a hands-on way.



Libo’s 9 Golden Bead Units are a versatile set of mathematical montessori materials designed to provide children with an engaging and tactile way to learn about math and numerical concepts in a variety of ways. Made from child safe materials and crafted with a high-quality finish, this 9 Golden Bead Unit is the perfect addition to any Montessori teaching aid set. Whether used for counting and exploring mathematical forms, or simply for learning basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division principles – these golden bead sets help children to develop their math skills in an enjoyable way. With its fine finish and attractive colors making it attractive for young learners, the Libo’s 9 golden bead units is the ideal solution for bringing fun in the classroom or at home.


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