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Five Yellow Prisms

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Introducing the Libo Five Yellow Prisms, a must-have Montessori Mathematical Material. This set of five semi-circular prisms is perfect for introducing children ages three and up to geometry. The bright yellow color stands out vibrantly, making it an excellent teaching tool for little ones. Each prism features a different shape and depth that allows children to explore various geometric concepts such as volume and area. Along with being fun and educational, the prisms are made from durable plastic materials to ensure years of use!



The Five Yellow Prisms by Libo is a set of child-safe mathematical montessori materials, perfect for learning critical math skills. This set consists of five yellow prisms that are specifically designed to develop and improve math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All the prisms are made of top-quality, non-toxic materials that will last for years. They feature a smooth finish with rounded edges that make them comfortable to hold in the hand and pleasant to look at with beautiful colors.

The Five Yellow Prisms are great Montessori teaching aids as children learn about volume, area and other geometric shapes as well as arithmetic equations with these tools. These prisms help your child develop fine motor skills while understanding numbers and other mathematical concepts in an engaging way. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing on any table or shelf but also they’re reusable so parents can practice again and again!


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