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Power of Three Cube



Libo’s Power of Three Cube is the perfect tool to help Montessori students learn math. This colorful and engaging cube features three blocks that can be used to exlore multiples, division, and fractions in an interactive way. The bright colors and fun shapes will help keep children engaged while they gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts. With this Montessori material, kids will develop their understanding of multiplication, division, fractions and other mathematical topics. The Power of Three Cube from Libo encourages hands-on learning for young learners as they develop essential skills for success in mathematics-related subjects.



The Power of Three Cube from Libo is a perfect tool for Montessori teaching aids. This fun cube consists of 27 cubes connected to each other, and it can be assembled into different objects such as a cube, pyramid, or cylinder. It encourages children to recognize patterns and develop spatial reasoning skills.

This educational activity cube is made from high quality wood material and has a fine finish for safe play. It’s non-toxic, lead-free and complies with strict safety standards for kids ages 3 years old or over. The elegant design also fits perfectly in any educational environment or Montessori settings. With the Power of Three Cube by Libo, your child will have hours of building fun while developing problem solving skills.


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