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One Cube



The Libo One Cube Mathematical set is perfect for teaching your child the basics of math. This set includes one cube made of durable plastic with 6 sides, each containing a pattern of numbers and symbols. The material can be used to help introduce early counting and number recognition, as well as basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is an ideal tool for Montessori-inspired classrooms and homeschooling environments.



The One Cube from Libo is the ideal Montessori teaching aid for math lessons. This cube is perfect for introducing counting, pattern recognition and sorting activities. It has been carefully crafted from child-safe materials of the highest quality and has been given a fine finish that makes it perfectly smooth to the touch. With its vivid colors and creative design, this one cube will instantly capture your child’s imagination and attention.

The One Cube from Libo offers a range of engaging activities that will help develop in your toddler or pre-schooler basic mathematical skills such as numbers, shapes, counting, addition and subtraction. With its various sides filled with exciting activities like geometric puzzles, charts & tables each side will keep them engaged to learn more as they progress through their cognitive development stages!


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