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Multiplication Board

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Introducing the Libo Multiplication Board – a revolutionary Montessori mathematical tool that helps children gain an intuitive understanding of multiplication. With the board’s colorful design, kids will enjoy learning math as it helps them practice the mathematical principles of multiplication. It includes a set of different colored devices that when placed together create a grid representing each factor’s associated product. This helps children use their visual and tactile senses to understand how multiplication works and enables them to have greater mastery over basic math skills. The board also reinforces memorization of key factors while teaching accuracy, categorization, and order recognition in a playful way. The Libo Multiplication Board is sure to be a hit with young learners!



Libo’s Multiplication Board is the perfect Montessori Teaching Aid for young children learning their multiplication tables. This high-quality and child-safe mathematical material is designed to provide young learners with an enjoyable learning experience, helping them to master multiplication quickly and easily. It has extra fine edges making sure children won’t get pricked, and a smooth finish that makes it easy to handle. With bright colors and clear letters, it can be used as an icebreaker in early math lessons, as well as a powerful learning tool for young students. Plus, this board comes with sturdy stands so kids can move it around without worries. Libo’s Multiplication Board provides an effective way of teaching the basics of multiplication and encourages students to practice math confidently while having fun at the same time!


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