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Division Board

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The Division Board from Libo is an essential Montessori educational tool for teaching children mathematical concepts. This board provides a visual aid to help children learn multiplication and division by watching the colors of the beads move logically across the board. With its bright colors, this Division Board is sure to capture your child’s attention and help them understand how mathematics work. This wooden set includes a wooden base and ten rainbow colored rods with beads in each color sectioning off each rod separately. As children place these beads on the different levels of rods, they will begin to get a better understanding of how multiplication works. With its simple design, this Division Board is an excellent Montessori teaching aid that will make learning math easier for your child!



The Libo Division Board is a top-of-the-line, child safe and highly durable educational tool for young students. Made from the highest quality materials with a smooth finish, this classical Montessori teaching aid will provide children with the necessary skills to categorise and organise numbers according to their mathematical structure. The set comes complete with two double-sided boards depicting detailed instructions on how to properly use them. The boards are designed with bright colours and shiny surfaces that are sure to keep your young learner engaged while they explore early math concepts.

The Libo Division Board allows your child to practice both simple and advanced division operations without difficulty, helping them develop their problem solving and analytical thinking skills. Its special non-toxic coating ensures maximum safety for even younger children while its higher price tag ensures it will withstand wear of heavy use in any Montessori classroom setting. Best of all, these boards come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure you are investing in superior quality when it comes to your child’s education!


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