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Small Bead Frame

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Libo’s Small Bead Frame is an educational montessori material designed to introduce young children to basic mathematical principles. It consists of a wooden frame with ten wire columns and colored beads that can be moved up and down the columns in a variety of patterns. This allows for creative problem solving and counting practice, allowing children to understand abstract concepts early on in their education. The bright colors help keep them engaged and make learning fun!



The Libo Small Bead Frame is perfect for teaching children the basics of Mathematics. This high-quality Montessori Material offers a variety of features to help engage and educate children. The frame features small beads which are designed to be easily manipulated, helping young learners become familiar with the fundamentals of counting. In addition, this frame is crafted from child-safe materials and has a fine finish for durability. The beads come in multiple colors for visual appeal and help create an enriching learning experience for children.

This Small Bead Frame is perfect for any classroom setting or home learning environment that utilizes Montessori teaching aids. Not only does it help to foster early mathematical understanding but also encourages problem solving skills and creative expression through play. This product is ideal for educators who want to give their students an exciting new way to learn while having fun!


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