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Cabinet for 6 Puzzles

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The Libo Cabinet for 6 Puzzles is the perfect Montessori material to help your child understand the basics of botany. The cabinet includes six puzzles that are designed specifically to teach plant anatomy, including leaves, stamens, petals and more. With these puzzles and helpful diagrams, your child will be able to explore and understand the complexity of plants in an engaging way. Each puzzle is made with durable materials that are perfect for repeated use over time. The fun designs on the pieces make it exciting for kids and parents alike. Let your child learn about botany in a hands-on way with this educational masterpiece from Libo!



This Cabinet for 6 Puzzles from Libo is the perfect Montessori materials for your botany studies! It is made from high quality, child safe materials and has a fine finish that will last you for years. This cabinet comes with six puzzles of varying difficulty, making it perfect for those who are just starting out with botany or those who have been studying it longer. Each puzzle has its own set of pieces and requires understanding of the individual topics to solve. The puzzles are designed to help develop knowledge as well as organizational skills in children, while strengthening their abilities to think critically and make connections between information. Additionally, this Montessori teaching aid encourages independent learning while fostering exploration into the realm of botany!


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