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Flower Puzzle – Large

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The Flower Puzzle – Large from Libo is a fun and educational botany activity for children. The large wooden puzzle pieces are laser-cut in the shape of 15 different flowers and come with an instruction booklet that helps kids learn the names, characteristics, and facts about each flower. They can also use their imagination to create original bouquets, making this puzzle an excellent Montessori material that encourages creative thinking while teaching important life sciences concepts.



The Flower Puzzle – Large from Libo is a fantastic Montessori Materials product for teaching botany and nature. It is made with child-safe materials and includes sixty two pieces depicting thirteen different kind of flowers. The pieces are specially designed to help children learn the concept of botany, while providing them with an enjoyable and stimulating way to play.

The Flower Puzzle – Large offers a high quality material with a fine finish that will last through lots of use. As part of a Montessori teaching aid, it serves as an effective tool during educational activities, allowing children to understand the flower structure in an entertaining way. All the pieces fit together perfectly, providing an excellent experience for those who enjoy assembling puzzles or simply learning about various species of flowers.


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