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Botany cabinet

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The Libo Botany Cabinet is the perfect addition to any classroom or home with a Montessori environment! This quality product is made of wood and contains drawers and shelves that can be used to store and organize all your favorite botany materials. It includes a removable base that allows you to easily move the cabinet around and can also help contain spills. The Botany Cabinet also has sturdy construction which makes it both durable and aesthetically pleasing. With its clear labeling, you’ll have easy access to all your botany materials!



The Libo Botany Cabinet is a perfect Montessori teaching aid to help children learn more about the wonders of nature. Made of high quality materials that are 100% child-safe, this botany cabinet is designed to be both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Its fine finish adds an elegant touch, making it perfect for modern classrooms or homeschools. Each cabinet comes with 39 drawers and shelves, allowing you to store all your botany specimens neatly in one place. The drawers are labeled with Latin names, helping children learn the scientific names of plants faster.

The transparent tops on each drawer allow easy viewing of contents without having to open them up every time. The solid wooden frame offers stability and strength so that you can be sure your specimens are well-protected from any damage or wear and tear over time. This product also comes with detailed instructions for setting up and using it, making sure you can get the most out of it! Perfect for kids of all ages, the Libo Botany Cabinet is an ideal investment for any environment looking to encourage a love of nature among their students!


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