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Set of 10 Sandpaper Land form cards with Stand

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The Libo Set of 10 Sandpaper Land form cards with Stand is the perfect Montessori material for geography lessons. The set includes 10 cards that are covered in sand paper and outline physical land forms such as rivers, islands, and mountains. The set also includes a stand to hold the cards for ease of use during lessons. This is an ideal way for children to learn about land forms in a practical way.



This set of 10 Sandpaper Land form cards with Stand from Libo is an excellent Montessori teaching aid for kids to learn geography. These cards are made from child safe materials and have a smooth finish that is designed to last long. They come with a durable stand made of solid wood, which can be easily placed on any flat surface. The set includes 10 sandpaper forms of various geographical landscapes such as mountains, rivers, islands and more. The raised lines of the land forms are embossed on sturdy cardboard which makes it easier for kids to feel the outlines and trace them using their fingers while they learn geography concepts in fun and interactive manner. The sand paper surface helps in correct tracing by providing exact tactile feedback so that it offers best results in terms of learning efficiency. This high quality product comes with fine finish edges that make it look visually attractive even when it rests on the shelf!


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