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100 Boards

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Libo’s 100 Boards is an educational Montessori material designed to help children learn basic Mathematics. This math board game features 100 colorful boards consisting of a ten by ten grid, with each square featuring a number value from one to ninety-nine. Children can practice sequencing numbers, counting pattern recognition and develop problem-solving skills as they place the numbered blocks correctly on the grid. Perfect for classrooms and homeschooling environments, this mathematical learning tool is sure to provide children of all ages with hours of fun, cognitive development and early number recognition.



Libo’s 100 Boards are the perfect Montessori materials for mathematical learning! A combination of 100 rectangles in varying sizes, these boards are made from child safe and non-toxic materials. The boards come in sets, each containing different size squares, making it easy to demonstrate more complex mathematical concepts. The boards have a smooth finish and are precision cut for accuracy and durability.

Designed to help meet the needs of a Montessori environment, these 100 Boards offer a high quality learning experience that is attractive and accessible to children of all ages. They help foster early childhood mathematics exploration and develop fine motor skills in an engaging way. The durable material ensures years of use as effective teaching aids that allow young children to explore math concepts with visual aid.


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