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Dot Exercise

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The Dot Exercise from Libo is a great way to introduce early mathematics in the Montessori way. This mathematical material provides an engaging visual learning experience with an array of colorful dots that help build confidence and understanding of basic math concepts. The activity encourages counting and numerical recognition as children explore the different patterns they can create using different combinations of dots. This activity is an excellent tool for building a strong foundation in mathematics for young learners, helping to lay the groundwork for more complex math skills down the line.



The Libo Dot Exercise is an excellent mathematical Montessori material that will help children develop fine motor skills, recognize and learn numbers and learn basic math. The product is made from high quality child safe materials, ensuring a safe learning environment for young minds. With its finely finished edges and vibrant colors, this practical teaching aid looks captivating and encourages kids to stay engaged with it. It is perfect for any Montessori classroom or home education environment.

Designed by experienced educators, the Libo Dot Exercise helps children to easily understand math concepts like counting and addition. The set includes two cards with dotted circles in different colors along with two matching counters for each color dot, allowing children to easily copy abstract mathematical structures as they count through the dots using the counters one by one. With its vivid colors and simple structure, it will make a great activity resource that will keep your child busy while also improving their basic math skills.


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