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Square of Decanomial Board

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Libo’s Square of Decanomial Board is a mathematical educational tool designed to help children aged 5-12 develop their understanding of decimals. This product allows users to arrange units, tens, hundreds and thousands into squares of four and explore the patterns that emerge. Designed with Montessori materials specifically in mind, the board is composed of wooden pieces in different sizes and colors to represent each component and encourage visual learning. Offering an intriguing way to understand mathematics, this product is perfect for parents or teachers who are looking for an innovative way to teach math concepts to their children or students.



The Square of Decanomial Board from Libo is a high-quality Montessori teaching aid that helps children learn basic mathematical concepts. This board features a square of nine wooden squares with movable pieces which can be used to create various patterns and sequences. Each piece is made with child-safe materials that have been finished with a fine, smooth feel that makes them easy to handle even for small hands. The board also includes color-coded rectangles and numbers so children can easily connect the pieces together, further aiding their understanding of number relationships. With this Montessori material, children will gain the necessary skills to understand basic arithmetic such as addition and subtraction in an enjoyable and interactive way.

This Square of Decanomial Board from Libo is designed to withstand years of use while providing an engaging learning experience for young learners. It has been crafted using only high-quality materials, guaranteeing long-term durability which every parent looks for when investing in educational materials for their children. The fine finish also ensures it won’t splinter or peel overtime, ensuring it remains safe for use by small hands year after year. With this fun yet effective tool, your child will be able to master essential math skills quickly in an enjoyable environment without any difficulty or frustration!


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