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Complete Bead Material

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Libo’s Complete Bead Material is a Montessori-friendly mathematical material designed to help children learn math-based concepts. It features a full range of colorful beads, each containing symbols representing numerical values, allowing children to physically move the beads and create simple addition, subtraction and multiplication sums. The material helps children gain confidence with basic arithmetic and develop problem solving skills. It also encourages hands-on exploration and understanding of abstract concepts in mathematics.



Libo’s Complete Bead Material is a set of mathematical Montessori materials that are perfect for teaching and learning. It is designed to help children develop their knowledge of arithmetic, geometry and other numerical concepts. The beads are made from high-quality, child-safe material that has a fine finish and makes an excellent addition to any Montessori teaching aids collection. The set includes various shapes such as large squares, triangles, pentagons, decagons and stars which can be used in various mathematics based activities. Furthermore all pieces come in different sizes and colors, helping children recognize number combinations quickly. Libo’s Complete Bead Material encourages the development of analytical skills with its vibrant designs while also promoting cognitive functioning among toddlers. This product is ideal for introducing mathematics in the most interesting way possible while keeping it simple yet effective.


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