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Stand For Complete Bead Material

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The Libo Stand For Complete Bead Material is a great option for those looking to expand their child’s mathematical skills. It provides an ideal way to introduce kids to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun and engaging way. This set features three levels of complexity that include an array of colorful beads, ten rods and counting frames to help kids learn basic math operations with ease. With this stand, your child can gain an understanding of numbers as well as further their coordination and problem-solving skills. Make the most of your Montessori experience with this complete bead material set!



The Libo Stand For Complete Bead Material is an ideal mathematical Montessori Material. Made using the highest quality materials, it has a fine finish and is designed specifically to promote success among young learners. Crafted using child-safe materials, this teaching aid is perfect for Montessori teachers looking to bring Montessori curriculum into the classroom easily and efficiently.

This well-designed stands offers exceptional stability and safety for students, so they can learn at their own pace without fear of knocking over or misplacing their tools during class. Its compact size makes it ideal for classrooms with limited space, yet its solid structure ensures that all the beads have plenty of space to store individually. With its heavy duty construction, this stand provides beautiful storage solutions for a range of Montessori activities and maths lessons. Not only does this product look great, but it also serves as an excellent tool to assist in learning math concepts in the classroom setting.


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