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Seahorse Puzzle

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The Libo Seahorse Puzzle is an engaging, educational puzzle created according to the Montessori design method. With its vibrant colors and unique shape, this puzzle helps children develop problem solving skills, fine motor development and understanding of cause and effect. The pieces are made from natural materials that are safe for young users and come with a guide for parents on how to use it in the classroom or at home. This fun and challenging puzzle is sure to delight any child!



The Seahorse Puzzle by Libo is a delightful Montessori puzzle designed to bring fun and learning to young children. It is made with high quality child safe materials that have a fine finish to ensure the safety of your child while they play. All pieces are abrasion-resistant, non-toxic, and free from chemical odors so you can be confident that your little one is playing with materials that are safe for their use.

The design of this Montessori puzzle promotes manipulative development in children as well as early problem solving skills. Each puzzle piece has its own slot in the backboard shaped like a beautiful seahorse, creating a colorful and engaging image for your little one to explore. With bright vibrant colors and fun designs, this Seahorse Puzzle will bring hours of fun and learning for your child.


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